Short Films & Videos

The JayHawk Institute is producing educational films featuring Northwest Coast Native Culture and Native Style Art. This video collection will be growing and will eventually be offered as full collections on DVD — check back on this page periodically to find new films as we finish them.

In a presentation given to Friends of Miller Bay, Duane Pasco shows slides and talks about how his work is inspired by the natural world that has surrounded him. (35 minutes)

In the half-hour video above, Duane Pasco talks about the Northwest Coast canoes that have inspired his passions and work over a 40+ year period.

The video above is the first in a series of 11 short films that make up the Canoe Legacy Project detailing the Salish canoe culture. More in the series can be seen here.

The above video documents the efforts of Betty Pasco and a group of contributing weavers as they endeavor to create the first cedar bark canoe sail to be used on the Pacific Northwest Coast in over 150 years.

This video follows Duane Pasco and apprentice Randi Purser through 2 months of work on a raven house pole completed in the spring of 2013, with details about the methods and tools used. Below is a timelapse of the project compressed into 15 minutes.

Duane Pasco is interviewed by Terry Tazioli

Tazioli, the host of PBS’s Well Read, interviewed Duane at Kiana Lodge in November, 2013 in a fundraiser for the JayHawk Institute.

Discussing Duane’s autobiographical book Life as Art : Duane Pasco, Terry asks Duane about his early years as an artist, teaching, inspiration, the importance of culture in artistic expression, and cultural revival.